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Africa Literary texts

Bessora 53 cm (r.) The Plumed Serpent, 1999, p. 198 (French Fiction) ISBN: 2-84261-143-8 99 FF Who are we when we are Zara, daughter of a Gabonese caramel black dyed black and a white Helvetian dyed blond? And especially what breed! Without identity, no papers, not far from joining the homeless-fixed, unemployed, homeless, the penniless, homeless and other non-grade love, Zara train all it can to acquire, for its own and his little Marie-shrimp, a right to exist. The author, 29, a student of anthropology, is a father and Swiss mother Gabon.

Seydou Beye (Senegal) The lamp of love (p.) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 75 (Poets of the five continents) ISBN: 2-7384-8374-7

Marie Binet Black what? (R.) At the same title, 1999, p. 191, FF 85 ISBN: 2-912315-26-3 Between investigation and confession, detective story and family saga, pirates of ancestors half-brothers and cousins ??found, the author weaves the saga of miscegenation. Beryl BOWIE (South Africa)

The spirits are running the show (r.) Translated by Valerie Morlot DAPPER, 1999, p. 203 (Youth: At World's End) ISBN: 2-906067-47-4 35 FF Destinies between children from different worlds: the Cape, Wiseman and Zolani, who feel their families too, end up running away. They then meet Lemmy, the piper, who will teach the school of the street. Novel for teenagers.

The curious adventure of Ndzana and Other Stories (Youth) Yaounde (Cameroon): CLE / CREPLA, 1999, p. 164 ISBN: 2-7235-0480-9 This book contains tales and fables by the award-winning literary contests when CREPLA organized in 1988 and in 1989 to promote and encourage youth to become interested in Cameroonian intellectual works. Boubacar Boris Diop (Senegal)

The Cavalier and his shadow (r.) Abidjan, NIS, 1999, p. 286 (Paperback edition) ISBN: 2-84487-001-5 Nathalie ETOKA (Cameroon)

A love without papers (st) Crossed Cultures, 1999, p. 115 ISBN: 2-913059-03-1 80 FF Malaika had no idea that his arrival in the West would mean meetings and challenges. This takes us Cameroonian student in the middle of students and African immigrants. Love for a young man in an irregular situation, it is at the heart of the struggle of "undocumented". Nuruddin Farah (Somalia)

Secrets (r.) Translated by Jacqueline Bardolph The Plumed Serpent, 1999, p. 441 (Foreign Fiction) ISBN: 2-84261-151-9 149 FF Third installment of the trilogy Territories / Donations / Secrets, depicting twenty-year history of Somalia, Secrets features the character Kalaman looking for a well-hidden truth about his origins.

Abdulrazak Gurnah (Tanzania) Paradis (st) Translated by Anne-Cécile Padoux The Plumed Serpent, 1999, p. 301 (Coll. Reasons) ISBN: 2-84261-163-2 45 FF In Tanzania the new century, Yusuf, 12, left his native village to accompany Uncle Aziz, a wealthy merchant who visits the family twice a year. It took him several months to really understand: Uncle Aziz is his uncle. He, Yusuf, was transferred to Aziz in payment of debts?, The child is a slave in the service of a master ...

Fatou Keita (Ivory Coast) The rooster did not want to sing (Youth) Abidjan: NIS, with the assistance of the ACCT and the French Community of Belgium, 1999, p. 32 ISBN: 0 032 59 9

Anicet KITEREZA (Tanzania) The Killer Snakes (r.) Translated from Kiswahili by Simon Baguma Mweze in collaboration with Olivier Barlet L'Harmattan / UNESCO, 1999, p. 346? (Black ink) ISBN: 2-7384-6826-8 (L'Harmattan) ISBN: 93-3-203507-3 (UNESCO) 160 FF Second part of the saga of a family of the Great Lakes region started with Children's rainmaker, this book describes in detail the daily life of ancient Africa.

Isaiah KOULIBALY Biton (Ivory Coast) My joy in him (r.) Abidjan: NIS, 1999, p. 183 ISBN: 2-84487-004-X For fifteen years, the African Sokolo Marius and Jean-Pierre Beaufils Europeans have established friendship by correspondence, but have never met face to face. And here in his home country Marius Jean-Pierre came to visit.

Barnabas LAYE (Benin) Requiem for a country murdered (p.) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 63 (Poets of the five continents) ISBN: 2-7384-8351-8 60 FF

Barnabas LAYE Farewell to Father (r.) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 176 (Black ink) ISBN: 2-7384-8352-6 90 FF "Do not come back too late, my son. Do not come back too late. You know my age." Bertrand Joseph who lives in Paris, in the heart receives the words of his father, while Manuela, his girlfriend tells him that she is pregnant. The approach creates return home there, in the family, unpredictable agitation. The mother, not knowing what to do to ward off bad luck, uses the knowledge of her husband devout Christian, the Brotherhood of the worshipers of Python, this animal is deemed protect spells ...

Alain Mabanckou (Congo) When the cock announces the dawn of another day ... (P.) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 85 (Poets of the five continents) ISBN: 2-7384-8298-8 60 FF This fifth collection of the author is part of the poetic cycle The Legend of the Wandering (1995) and trees also shed tears (1997).

Daniel Manzi (Photographer), Isabelle Lebrat (poet), Paul Gaston EFFA (writer) Color time Sarreguemines (57206): Pierron, 1999? 107 p. (View) ISBN: 2-7085-0223-9 98 FF Three sensitivities conspire against the time that permeates all of us. Daniel Manzi, photographer, puts the images in memory and beyond, perhaps, to the rape of the time ... Isabelle Lebrat, poet, serious now with the words, enabling eternity ... Gaston-Paul Effa, Cameroonian writer, sets the pace and reflects the visible scars of the pulse time.

Dambudzo Mareshah (Zimbabwe) The House of Hunger (n.) Translated from English DAPPER, 1999, p. 266 ISBN: 2-906067-48-2 58 FF

Claude McKay (USA) Banjo (r.) Translated from the U.S. by Michel Fabre Marseille (13000): André Sunday, 1999, p. 331 (Rive Noire) ISBN: 2-86916-100-X 149 FF Connection with the Lower Town from Marseille to the late jazz, we share life, destitute but cheerful, sailors and vagrants who find their paradise in the port, so full of activity, "the door Africa ". On the docks, groups and individuals come together and compete cosmopolitan sometimes ... This novel, thirties, became a classic in the United States.

Zakes Mda (South Africa) The Weeping (r.) Translated by? Catherine Glenn Lauga DAPPER, 1999, p. 284 ISBN: 2-906067-49-0 58 FF

Bidoung MKPATT (Cameroon) The Iron Jacket followed the Prefect (th.) Yaoundé: CLE, 1998, p. 130 ISBN: 2-7235-0370-9 The Iron Jacket exposes one of the factors of failure of the colonial state and post-colonial Africa is to discourage and stifle any creative impulses nationals, and that in all areas. Mr. Warden is a political satire denouncing the true plague the African continent: the administrative negligence ...

Edouard Motsamai, James Machobane At the time of cannibals, followed by In the dark caves (r.) Bordeaux (33036): Confluences, 1999, p. 172 ISBN: 2-910550-78-8 118 FF

Christmas Nétonon NDJEKERY (Chad) Blood kola (r.) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 263 (Black ink) ISBN: 2-7384-8305-4 120 FF Through the struggle of a village community to reclaim his soul and regain its unity, here's a humorous picture of Africa today with his dream merchants, soldiers exiled law of the kingdom of childhood and their mothers can no longer provide the cannon fodder ...

Mahmoud N'Dongo Mamadou (Senegal) The Wandering Sidiki of Ba (r.) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 111 ISBN: 2-7384-8412-3 65 FF

Claude NEMRY Nyamulagira: earthquakes (r.) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 347 ISBN: 2-7384-7344-X 170 FF Nyamulagira, located on the land of Masisi, is the westernmost of the eight volcanoes of the Virunga chain. The only one to be active with its neighbor, the Nyiragongo. Nyamulagira is the result of Usubui, we find the hero, Sylvain Guillaume, territorial administrator, on his professional and emotional ...

Ludovic Obiang (Gabon) The child masks (n.) L'Harmattan, Libreville: NDZÉ editions, 1999, p. 162 ISBN: 2-7384-8363-1 80 FF Five new on childhood through which the author refuses to relegate traditional cultures to the rank of folklore, built a strong heritage, built, of the most rich and secrets of the blood culture.

Ben Okri (Nigeria) Combat mental (p.) Translated by John Guiloineau (bilingual edition) Christian Bourgeois, 1999, p 118?; ISBN: 2-267-01524-2 95 FF On the eve of a century and a new millennium, the writer sends a message of hope to his contemporaries.

Denis Oussou-towels (Ivory Coast) To new heights (r.) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 190 (Black ink) ISBN: 2-7384-8237-6 90 FF No father to three years, Georges Bessongo now twelve years. Driven by an external force, one day he left his village in the bush to go to school in Bouaké, an important town about two days away. In town, the scenery is brutal to the young hero ...

Nicolas Ouwehand (South Africa) The monument on the hill (r.) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 206 ISBN: 2-7384-8277-5 110 FF What happens when Calvinism is transplanted into the bush of South Africa, when Reverend White supports black flock to the country of apartheid, and both the son of the pastor many Dutch are educated Bantu well? The answers to such questions need to be nuanced. The novel paints a complete picture of a complex situation.

Manuel RUI (Angola) Pork epic (r.) Translated from Portuguese by Michel Laban DAPPER, 1999, p. 107 ISBN: 2-906067-51-2 38 FF An Angolan family decides to fatten a pig in the apartment she occupies the seventh floor of a building in Luanda. But children are attached to the animals and strive to find a thousand ways to prolong his life. Police, militia, controllers, an agent of the secret police, but also a school teacher blamed by his superiors, are involved in the incredible adventures of the pig.

The Sahara (anthology) Selected Writings and presented by Monique Truth Foreword by Theodore Monod Lausanne: Favre, 1999, p. 191 (Unplugged) ISBN: 2-8289-0648-5 96 FF An anthology of the finest literary texts on this desert.

Maria Salamon (Ivory Coast) For a Song of Life (p.) Abidjan: NIS, 1999, p. 102 ISBN: 2-84487-015-5

Ken Saro-Wiwa (Nigeria) Mister B millionaire (r.) Translated by Alem Kangni DAPPER 1999, p. 250 (Youth) ISBN: 2-906067-46-6 38 FF "To be a millionaire, think like a millionaire!" Is the motto of Mister B, engineering scam. But in Nigeria, survival is a daily exercise of intelligence. Mister B but not without cunning and does not bother with scruples.

Wilbur Smith (Zimbabwe) Leopard hunting at night (r.) Translated by Martine and Jean-Luc Decourt Estèbe Presses de la Cité, 1999, p. 444 ISBN: 2-258-04957-1 120 FF Craig Mellow is a young successful writer who leads a comfortable existence in New York. Yet his native Zimbabwe, he misses. Soon, he took the opportunity to go back and very quickly decided to buy the homestead ...

Brother of Eric TAIZÉ The Museum of clones (r.) Geneva: The joy of reading, 1999, p. 186 ISBN: 2-88258-152-1 65 FF For Marion, the tables "are like windows to the world" ... But how could she imagine that a simple visit to the museum's lead, she and her friend Ali in an exotic adventure, futuristic ... explosive.

Eric Warnauts, Guy Raivis,? Michel VANDAM Kin 'la Belle (comics) Casterman, 1999, p. 62 ISBN: 2-203-38919-2 85 FF A town somewhere in France: in Kin'la Belle, a neighborhood bistro, the boss Papa, a "black" on imposing stature, wipes the glasses behind the bar, casting a watchful eye on "his" regulars: Mr. Phil Vincent, the student-artist father Mutien, missionary to the Congo a few decades earlier.

Chehem WATTA (Djibouti) Rough book of poems from the desert (p.) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 172 (Poets of the five continents) ISBN: 2-7384-7606-6

Regina YAOU (Ivory Coast) Aihui Anka challenge to Stone (st) Abidjan: NIS, 1999, p. 287 ISBN: 2-84487-000-7 In this country, almost all those who build a house "hard" die until you have completed. Coincidentally, curse, or work of witches? Aihui Anka to understand and embarks on a quest for truth.


Philippe BAQUE A new black gold. Looting of works of art in Africa Paris-Mediterranean, 1999, p. 194 ISBN: 2-84272-069-5 120 FF Masks and statuettes stolen from the sacred spaces of villages and archaeological torn in haste to see the mound with the status of art objects to be better sold. To feed the galleries, the latest plots in the world market are having escaped frantically explored by art dealers and their assistants ...

Pascale Casanova The World Republic of Letters Seuil, 1999, p. 497 ISBN: 2-02-03-5853-0 180 FF

Isabelle Leymarie Wolof griots of Senegal Servedit / Maisonneuve and Larose, 1999, p. 186 ISBN: 2-7068-1357-1 120 FF This book traces the saga of Wolof griots from the era of pre-colonial kingdoms to the present day.

Edited by:? Jean-Robert and Lucienne MARTINI HENRY Literature and colonial times?, Look at the metamorphosis of the Mediterranean and Africa Aix-en-Provence: Edisud, 1999, p. 344: (coll. Mediterranean Memories) ISBN: 2-7449-0066-4 Proceedings of the conference of Aix en Provence? 7-8 April 1998.

French literature?; 1-The novel Hatier / AUPELF-UREF, 1999, p. 347 (French Universities) ISBN: 2-218-71676-3 195 FF This first book aims to show the reader that the novel offers French writers mostly multilingual and one of whose sting is, without doubt, the anxiety of identity.

Kahiudi Claver Mabane The mythical world of Tchicaya U Tam'si through his work in prose New York (United States): Peter Lang, European Academic Publications, 1999, p. 400 ISBN: 3-906760-76-6 292 FF PhD Thesis

Philippe MOUKOKO (Congo) General dictionary? The Congo - Brazzaville L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 442 ISBN: 2-7384-8222-8 230 FF

Pius Ngandu Nkashama (R. D. C.) Memory and history writing in the sky The scales of Tierno Monénembo L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 206 (Bridges of Memory) ISBN: 2-7384-8161-9 110 FF

Florence Paravy The space in the contemporary African novel French (1970-1990) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 382 ISBN: 2-7384-8304-6 190 FF

Josiah Semujanga Gender dynamics in the African novel?; Poetic elements of transcultural L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 204 ISBN: 2-7384-8081-0 120 FF

André VIOLA, Denise COUSSY, Jacqueline BARDOLPH New fiction in English from Africa Amsterdam, Atlanta: Rodopi, 1999, p. 244 ISBN: 90-420-0763-X


Marie-Françoise Delarozière, Michel MASSAL Toys for children of Africa: eyes on the marvels of ingenuity Edisud / UNESCO, 1999, p. 159 ISBN: 92-3-903701-7 (UNESCO) ISBN: 2-7449-0116-4 (Edisud) 250 FF The authors offer a look here at once tender, attentive and admiring the creative freedom of African children through their games and toys made from materials drawn from their immediate environment. Saliou Diouf Démanguy (Senegal)

The contemporary visual arts of Senegal Presence Africaine, 1999, p. 240 (Art History) ISBN: 2-7087-0694-2 190 FF

Aminata Dramane Traore (Mali) Thousand weavers in search of future Foreword by Federico Mayor Bamako: EDIM, 1999, p. 91 ISBN: 2-913213-04-9

Just published Caribbean Literary texts

Isabelle and Henry Cadore (West Indies) Poisson-lune/Pwason-lalin (Youth) Designs by Bernadette COLENO Bilingual French-Creole L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 112 (The legend of the Worlds) ISBN: 2-7384-8250-3 60 FF Matiréo, Matiréo island wind, green stone from the ocean, the moon is red tonight. In the forest, Hand Child. Three women are there, motionless and silent. Fire flames and shadows stand out in the night, dark and enigmatic statues ...

Gerty DAMBURY (Guadeloupe) Melancholy (n.) Coulonges-les-Sablons (61110): The Arrow of Time, 1999, p. 152 ISBN: 2-913198-02-3 94 FF

Edwige DANTICAT (Haiti) Harvesting sweet tears (r.) Translated from the U.S. Jacques Chabert Grasset, 1999, p. 332 ISBN: 2-246-58231-8 135 FF Tear duality of two women who grew up together: Desire Annabel, a young Haitian, and Senora Valencia, a "Spanish" DR. One is black, in the service of the other white. This difference in color and class to materialize when a wife Valencia officer in the service of Rafael Trujillo, dictator of the terrible Santo Domingo ...

Edouard Glissant (Martinique) Sartorius. The novel of Batoutos (r.) Gallimard, 1999, p. 352 ISBN: 2-07-075652-1 130 FF "The five hundred year or so before the era we live, humans appear in a region of central Africa enough to be permanent, they raise a city Onkolo." The author tells his story in the history of Batoutos through two mythical characters whose actions overlap to centuries apart: Oko and Odono Odono.

Dany Laferriere (Haiti) How to make love to a negro without getting tired (r.) The Plumed Serpent, 1999, p. 168 (Reasons), Reed. ISBN: 2-84261-146-2 39 FF First book of the author, ferocious satire of stereotypes and racist stereotypes, this novel is as merry description of a bohemian life, through the wanderings of two young black men idle sharing an apartment in a poor neighborhood of Montreal.

Gisèle Pineau (Guadeloupe) Caribbean sur Seine (r.) DAPPER, 1999, p. 171: (Youth: At World's End) ISBN: 2-906067-52-0 30 FF Exit Capesterre-Belle-Eau, Guadeloupe, to the suburbs of Paris ... it is an idea of ??parents and it is not easy for Lindy, twelve, and his brother and sister. In college, Lindy became friends with Carola, a native of Corsica, and Hamidou, a Senegalese who runs a rap group ...

Michel PRAT The Deep (n.) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 161 (Letters Caribbean) ISBN: 2-7384-8233-3 90 FF Martinique, Guadeloupe, Guyana and above are the true characters of the new. One would, however, this collection subtitled "Metropolitan West Indies", as those who play the lead roles - with one exception - from France ...

Rodney Saint-Eloi (Haiti) I was a city of ground water and rainbows happy (p.) Port-au-Prince: Memory, 1999, p. 109 ISBN: 1-58437-005-X


Gerard Barthelemy, Mimi BARTHÉLÉMY (Haiti) Haiti. The pearl naked (documentary) Châteuneuf the Red (13790): Wind In addition, 1999, p. 96 (Here and Elsewhere) ISBN: 2-911412-05-2 85 FF

METELLUS Jean (Haiti) Under the dictation of the real (maintenance) Interview by Jacques-Hubert Poncheville Desclée de Brouwer, 1999, p. 89 (Gateways) ISBN: 2-220-04505-6 56 FF

Maria de Lourdes Teodoro (Caribbean, Brazil) Brazilian Modernism and negritude Caribbean: Mario de Andrade and Aimé Césaire L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 346 ISBN: 2-7384-8027-6 180 FF

Just published Maghreb Literary texts

Arabs and love poetry anthology (p.) Translated from Arabic, introduced and annotated by Hamdan and André Miquel Hadjadj Sindbad / Actes Sud, 1999, p. 183 (The small library of Sinbad) ISBN: 2-7427-2299-8 99 FF Covering ten centuries, from the sixth to the fifteenth century, this anthology of love poetry of the Arabs intends to communicate, if possible, still feeling the excitement that by reading the Arabs today.

Tahar BEKRI (Tunisia) Unknown seasons seasons Unknown (p.) Bilingual French-English translations of Patrick Williamson, Barbara Beck, George Ellenbogen and John Taylor L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 145 (Poets of the five continents) ISBN: 2-7384-8444-1 80 FF A book that brings together a selection of poems taken from his work resulted in four English and American writers in recent years. This edition would allow the public expression of Anglo-American access to the work of one of the prominent voices of the poetry of the Maghreb.

Mahi Binebine (Morocco) Cannibals (r.) Fayard, 1999, p. 216 ISBN: 2-213-60444-4 95 FF One night, near Tangier, a small force awaits the opportune time to embark with a smuggler Azzouz, the narrator, and his cousin Reda, a young woman and her baby, an Algerian survivor of a massacre, Youssef, and two Malians . All united by the force of the same stubborn quest: the fate extort a new life, a second chance.

Nina BOURAOUI (Algeria) The day of the earthquake (r.) Stock, 1999, p. 99 ISBN: 2-234-05150-9 79 FF The earthquake already exile and form the difference. It passes through the body and requires a split. It distorts and creates a different origin. It changes births. It is immediate and profound.

Rachid Chebli (Morocco) The illegal party (r.) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 139 (Arabic script) ISBN: 2-7384-8297-X 70 FF

Adel GASTEL (Algeria) Farewell to the merchants of faith (r.) Paris-Mediterranean, 1999, p. 183 ISBN: 2-84272-070-9 95 FF The novel of initiation of a representative of the Algerian youth of the 80 and 90: Moncef, because he "hates the banality" is seduced by a rigorous and demanding religion. Listening to the sheiks, he believes breaking the social straitjacket, but retain enough insight to respond and regain his freedom.

Salima Ghezali (Algeria) Lovers of Shahrazad (r.) Editions de l'Aube, 1999, p. 103 ISBN: 2-87678-501-3 89 FF Mother, wife, lover, Shahrazad is first emblematic figure: that of the Algerian woman who has known the victory yesterday and foolish hope of independence, which is today the killings, one trying to protect his, fear twisted stomach. One who, by his strength and reason, makes us believe in the future of Algeria last one, happy and peaceful.

Nancy Huston (Canada) and Leila Sebbar (Algeria) Letters in Paris. Stories of exile (correspondence) I read Publishing, 1999, p. 222 ISBN: 2-290-05394-5 28 FF For over a year, two women have written in French, from Paris to Paris. The first is from Canada, the second, Algeria. In this city, foreign exile, they have chosen to work, to love and have children. They are neither here nor there. Their country is the verb. They seek by feeling a sense of belonging, which alone would enable them to achieve their destiny: that of writer.

Mohamed Kacimi The Secret of the Queen of Sheba (r.) Dapper, 1999, p. 184 (Youth) ISBN: 2-906067-50-4 35 FF At the gates of Jerusalem crowd of thousands of riders hit the blue banners of golden sun and moon. At their head, mounted on a richly adorned white elephant, a divine creature: the Queen of Sheba. Where is she? Of what country prosperous reign she? These are questions that haunt the mighty King Solomon ...

Yacine Kateb (Algeria) Butcher of hope (th.) Texts prepared by Chergui Zebeida Seuil, 1999, p. 567 ISBN: 2-02-033905-6 140 FF Four new pieces of the great Algerian writer. With the theater group "Cultural Action for workers," he profoundly renews popular theater Arab restores its role incomparable power-cons.

Yacine Kateb (Algeria) Noon to midnight (journalistic writings from 1947 to 1989) Seuil, 1999, p. 359 ISBN: 2-02-038730-1 130 FF Compiled by his son Amazigh, these "journalistic writings" retrace the route of a real stubborn resistance, "Conference on the Emir Abdelkader" from 1947 to last developed in 1989 on the repression in Algeria.

Yacine Kateb (Algeria) Art on fragments Unpublished literary texts found, collected and presented by Jacqueline Arnaud. Actes Sud?, Sindbad, 1999, p. 441 (The Library Arabic) ISBN: 2-7427-2418-4 169 FF Jacqueline Arnaud, whose work on North African literature in French authoritative, had worked for over twenty years to collect these scattered texts of the "wandering Maghreb."

Yasmina Khadra (Algeria) What dream wolves (r.) Julliard, 1999, p. 274 ISBN: 2-260-01534-4 129 FF Which way aberrant an ordinary man can, without warning, falling into the horror of madness? It is this inexorable slide that describes the author through the history of Nafa Walid, a young actor who dreamed of glory and gold mine before waking up in the heart of the nightmare ...

News from Morocco (n.) Texts presented by Loïc Barrière Paris-Mediterranean, 1999, p. 158 ISBN: 2-84272-065-2 98 FF

SALAH Berber at time zero. Where do you come from? (R.) Letters of the World, 1999, p. 260 ISBN: 2-7301-0113-6 160 FF This book has the ambition to tell us a great event: a miracle, said to be a secret. This is the story of an old "Berber Animal" who leaves his cage to go on pilgrimage ...

Boualem Sansal (Algeria) The Oath of the barbarians (r.) Gallimard, 1999, p. 396 ISBN: 2-07-075646-7 130 FF Price Tropics 1999. Everything is questionable Rouiba (Algeria), his wealth as much as his claim to be the economic heart of the capital.? It can not be successful businesses and stay away from infamy, the environment is Mafia, the contagious disease .? reports had predicted drift, but has read them? First novel. (Electra)

Amin Zaoui (Algeria) The Razzia (r.) The Plumed Serpent, 1999, p. 190 (French Fiction) ISBN: 2-84261-150-0 99 FF Roman violent and desperate is the story of a brothel loved nationalized Islamized: Algeria, land of plenty and suffering country, land of love and hate earth. The author of The Submission continues his quest for identity in tatters.

Zerouki Brahim (Algeria) Blue Standing (r.) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 270 (Scriptures Berbers) ISBN: 2-7384-8510-3 130 FF At the heart of the War of Algeria, a young student, a "Blue", is incarcerated in a prison of Blida. To survive, he began in darkness, a quest for identity, an archeology interior ...

Fawzia Zouari (Tunisia) This country which I die (r.) Ramsay, 1999, p. 189 ISBN: 2-84114-456-9 119 FF In November 1998, an unusual news item made the newspapers. A young 26 year old Maghreb just died of hunger in Paris in the fourteenth district of the small apartment she shared with her sister. This, backed in a serious state of malnutrition, will be saved at. How the two women have been able to prefer a silent dignity for survival?


Tahar BEKRI (Tunisia) Of Tunisian and North African literature and other texts (essays) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 133 ISBN: 2-7384-8445-X 80 FF Study on Tunisian literature, both French-language than Arabic, as well as North African and Arabic literature in general. His critical eye is that of the poet, writer trained in issues of language: bilingualism, diglossia, francophonie. In this set of tests, he questions, compare, reflects on his own journey, provides original and personal reflections.

Literary Landscapes of Algeria 90 years: evidence of a tragedy? Edited by Charles Bonn and Farida Bouali L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 185 (North African Literary Studies No. 14) ISBN: 2-7384-8021-7 95 FF

Just published Indian Ocean Literary texts

Maryvette Balcou Free: News from the Indian Ocean (n.) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 93 (Letters to the Indian Ocean) ISBN: 2-7384-7964-2 60 FF Whether the work in the salt marshes, men and dogs, academia or mad cow disease, the topics covered in the news, whatever the scene, Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion, Seychelles, spread out between the socio-cultural realities that inspire them and the human dimension that drives the characters.

Jean-Charles WHITE Famadihana. The bag of Martha (r.) Tours: farrago (diffusion Oxford University Press), 1999, p. 132 ISBN: 2-84490-013-5 89 FF One day, I inherited Martha's suitcase. Our long friendship had authorized me to keep this secret part of his life. Today, it is my duty to tell the true story of Martha, the main chapters were written in Madagascar, France, Canada, in Alexandria ... So I am doing it for famadihana, Malagasy ritual of reversal of the dead.

Loys Masson (Mauritius) The Turtles (r.) Marseille (13000): André Sunday, 1999, p. 212 ISBN: 2-86916-043-7 109 FF The Rose of Mahé has just left the Seychelles as a devastating smallpox epidemic. On board, the strangest loading: a lot of giant tortoises bound for Aden, twelve sailors who dream of gold since the captain Eckardt revealed the purpose of his journey, a silent man, their prisoner, who holds the secret their future fortune, death, finally, embedded in the Seychelles with smallpox ...

Khal TORABULLY (Mauritius) Coral flesh. Fragments Coolies (p.) Petit-Bourg (Guadeloupe): Red Ibis, 1999, p. 125 ISBN: 2-84450-060-9 75 FF The poet, on behalf of the coolness that comes alongside of Negritude, the Békénitude, provide essential building block of Creole, Mauritius sings, his chosen land.

Khal TORABULLY (Mauritius) Roll on the Malecon. Cuban travel book. (P.) L'Harmattan, 1999, p. 109 ISBN: 2-7384-8194-9 65 FF This book is a poetic journey collection of images and feelings that the island of Cuba inspired the poet. He found a people engaging, dignified, ranging from the broken dreams and confusion of a revival in the world ... There is seen the island of his childhood, and made this journey to island home to the island desired / puzzled.