Brandon Rios vs Victor Ortiz – Who wins?

As the title Brandon Rios vs Victor Ortiz who wins? Unsure if Rios’ disdain for Ortiz is genuine or maybe he’s just attempting to build himself a “Bad Blood” Super Fight with Golden Boy’s will be Golden Boy, Victor Ortiz. Something, Rios sure knows what he’s doing. This fight is often a no brainer so you determine what, it sells. Suppose the storylines.

They’re both Chicano, from Kansas with both found themselves boxing beyond Oxnard, California, Fernando Vargas territory. Brandon Rios fights under Roberto Garcia in the gym, and Victor Ortiz fights from La Colonia Boxing Club under Roberto’s brother, Danny Garcia. Brandon Rios claims Victor Ortiz is a “white boy” (even though his name is Rios, lol); remember Fernando calling Oscar a sellout Mexican?

And there’s no reason this fight can’t get made at 140lbs, Brandon walked to the ring yesterday evening like a Jr Middleweight. He’s probably naturally bigger than Victor. Brandon’s got some craziness and emotion that reminds me of a young Johnny Tapia.

Anyway, when the two would get it on, who would you be siding with?

Would this be an Oscar vs Vargas redux?

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Agreed which it needs to be at 140, catch weight is bollocks after his weight on fight night against Peterson…Brandon gives Victor Ortiz a tough time, ahead of the fight as well as in the ring, but also in the conclusion I believe Ortiz could be the stronger boxer and would win, perhaps even by stoppage.

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I believe people are putting lots of stock in to what he did to Peterson. Petsron fought one of the dumbest fights ever. Ortiz’s speed, jab, southpaw stance and overall boxing ability dominates Brandon Rios. Victor Ortiz stops him IMO. Ortiz isn’t Peterson. With no catch weight bullshyt fight him at 140 as you called him out.

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Seriously. I wish to say Victor Ortiz would win quite easily, but when Brandon turns it in to a firefight would Ortiz be capable of handle it.

Brandon Rios and Victor Ortiz Feud
As amateur boxers both Brandon and Victor fought from the same boxing gym in Garden City, Kansas, the Garden City Boxing Club where they were both trained by Manuel Brandon Rios.For any short period of time Brandon’s father trained Ortíz when they both still lived in Kansas. Victor Ortiz would later go on to Oxnard to teach under Roberto García, Brandon Rios also left Kansas after being invited by García to coach in Oxnard. In 2009 after an accidents involving Rios, Victor and Victor’s younger brother, Temo Victor, their relationship became strained. A battle between Ríos and Ortiz may be proposed with a catch weight of 138 lb’s or even at 140 lb’s, with Ríos stating on numerous occasions that he’s gotten the higher of Victor Ortiz often during sparring whenever they were growing up.

Brandon Rios has produced an identity for himself in and out of your ring. his record like a lightweight stands at 25-0 with 18 knockouts. He or she is an incredible inside fighter inside ring when the truth is him joking around in Roberto Garcia his trainer’s boxing gym through the Antonio Margarito training camp. You say hey this kid has personality much like Floyd Mayweather or a young Cashis Clay.

His fight in September against Anthony Peterson one of several infamous Peterson brothers would be a dominate performance were he was hit below the belt at least five or six times.

Rios may be calling out Victor Ortiz who fights as being a junior welterweight for sometime now plus my opinion it is a fight that ought to be made.

Ortiz has experienced all the glory of the rising prospect for a few years. Now and it’s time the spot light is defined on other future champions.

While Victor Ortiz signed with golden boy Brandon hasn’t had the luck Victor did in enabling a major promotional company to sign him. Instead he could be fighting his method to the superior. When Brandon Rios Fought Peterson last month he showed how ready he could be to address the top.

In 2004 he took over as amateur American featherweight champion and knows Victor personally. He said Ortiz plays this role of the kid who a hard life we were young.

However as Brandon Rios puts it Victor been with them easy we were young. He said almost everything Victor Ortiz says is a lie. Younger crowd continued to say Ortiz would never fight him because Maidana knocked him out so he’d run if Brandon Rios what food was in the ring with him.

What we should have here’s two fighters on the same age inside the prime of their career. Both spent my childhood years in California and have Mexican style boxing within their blood. In December Victor will likely be fighting Lamont Peterson the brother of Anthony Peterson he Brandon exposed inside the ring.

However per week Before Victors deal with Lamont Peterson,Rios will probably be fighting Noe Bolandos with the Honda Center in Anaheim California.

When and if Ortiz beats Peterson the battle everyone should be begging for is Victor Ortiz vs Brandon. It could be a toe foot battle that may just turn into a fight of year candidate.

Rios and Garcia have discussed this before, i assumed the 2009 week is when Floyd got his theories, his desire to carry it up. Mostly mind games, but perhaps an even more effective mind game if Victor Ortiz believes Mayweather to legitimately be in touch with Brandon Rios and Garcia.

Rios does claim that he won’t walk towards the ring with Mayweather on Saturday.

You can make of all this what you would, but since the Floyd thing did really bug some individuals a few days ago, I guess it’s time important to note that Mayweather wasn’t just making it up from thin air on the spot. Look, there are plenty of individuals near boxing which do not totally subscribe to Victor. For starters, he’s had some inconsistencies in his story. For an additional thing, it is so “Hollywood underdog story” that you just can’t . I’m not really proclaiming that people that doubt it are right. I’m just saying there are individuals who doubt it, legitimately.

Again: Make of it what you will. That’s your responsibility. It’s two sides of the story and it is word against word.

Leave comments below and discuss this Brandon Rios vs Victor Ortiz boxing match-up.

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