Bradley Ready For Everything Pacquiao Has for Him

The greatest debate so far is Timothy Bradley (28-0, 12 KO) contains the style to defeat Manny (54-3-2, 38 KO). Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny’s greatest rival, doesn’t believe Timothy has the strength to contain Manny. But Timothy is confident enough that he believes Freddie Roach is worried about this fight, and lots of do believe the 28-year-old from Palm Springs, Calif., presents a substantial stylistic challenge for the Filipino ring idol, whose career may well be coming to an end sooner than later.

Timothy Bradley gets more attention already for his June 9 fight with Manny Pacquiao than he has for virtually any other fight in the entire career, and to be expected, because the world’s top 140-pounder is entering into the actual biggest with the big leagues in boxing using this bout.

Asked Timothy Bradley how he’ll attack Pacquiao, and specifically, if he planned to counter-punch often within this fight than he has previously:

“I really do not know. I haven’t experienced the ring with him yet. I seriously do not know just how it’s planning to go. All this is dependent upon how Manny Pacquiao is released after which I’ll make my adjustments inside. I already have a couple of game plans produce. Once i enter into your struggle, I would prevail, I would definitely prevail — land shots on Manny Pacquiao that other fighters didn’t land and acquire from trouble, counter-punch while i must. I am aware Pacquiao wants to come forward and loves to bang also.”

The assessment of Timothy not necessarily as being a pure counter-puncher is very true — it’s not his game, he’s not a Juan Manuel Marquez guy who can really feed from an opponent’s aggression. At least, he’s never been that guy up to now.

But he could certainly do really that on this fight. I can’t think there’s any secret that Timothy Bradley with his fantastic team will probably be ignoring what Marquez has done against Pacquiao and seeking to be effective some of that within their approach for June 9.

Timothy has his or her own strengths, and several of the can be damage to a fighter like Manny Pacquiao. Bradley’s physically strong in the torso, has terrific stamina, moves very well, and understands how to push a fight where he wants it to go. If he needs to do that through the use of his head or else so that it is rough, he’ll accomplish that. Manny’s really not accustomed to those tactics at this point, as the majority of his recent opponents have been guys who were there to get hit all night, either because their face could be the defense (Margarito, Hatton), Pacquiao breaks their spirit (Cotto), or they do not mean to throw back enough (Clottey). And then there was clearly Mosley, who eventually wanted absolutely nothing to do with the battle.

I believe, though, even more than believing in Bradley’s ability, you will find there’s hope he will be a tough challenge. I’ll go ahead and take controversy of Pacquiao-Marquez III as well as the good fight that was included with it on the “dominant” Pacquiao performance against someone who can’t or won’t fight him. Deliver the endless debates in the yawn-and-forget fights.

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