1998 Ford Explorer XLT Eddie Bauer XL Limited Sport

Review of the 1998 Ford Explorer about the pros, cons, available features, powertrains and overall driving handling performance.

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Available Models
Eddie Bauer

The Explorer is the greatest selling sport-ute in the marketplace for the reason. A snug interior, three engine choices, and multiple trim levels imply it has an Explorer for almost any budget or lifestyle.

Abysmal gasoline consumption. Handling is sloppy in corners.

What’s New for 1998 – The 1998 Ford Explorer receives a restyled tailgate.

Since its introduction in 1991, the Ford Explorer has resided on top of the sport-utility sales heap. With justification. The Explorer combined style, comfort and room in one go-anywhere package. The modern-day Country Squire, some have called it, following the segment leading station wagon from the 1950s.

We presume that there is a justified reason because of this. Essentially, the Explorer is really a more refined vehicle as opposed to competition at Jeep and Automobile. The lining instills a sense of quality which is missing through the Grand Cherokee and also the Blazer. An organically sweeping dashboard houses radio controls that can be operated without having a magnification device .. Materials appearance and feel rich. Rear seat comfort surpasses Chevy, and entry/exit is simpler than Jeep. Explorers offer more cargo capacity than most rivals do, and five passengers can ride easily. Exterior styling is a subjective matter, but we presume how the Explorer is probably the most attractive SUVs while travelling.

The Explorer’s standard 4.0-liter V6 is amongst the weakest engines present in a domestic sport-ute. Acceleration is okay from your standstill, but strike the gas at 50 mph and not much happens. It’s not very good news when there exists a should pass or merge. Fortunately, Ford introduced an optional SOHC V6 in 1997 which offers as much power as the V8, for much less of your budget. We recommend this engine in the other two engine choices due to the great power and affordable price.

Changes for 1998 are limited to revising the truck’s tailgate. Not write home about, particularly when in comparison to the sweeping changes of recently, which saw the first-ever using five-speed transmission technology inside a truck. This five-speed is, in fact, the 1st ever developed for a us passenger vehicle. Ford claims that this additional gear, which occurs between the former first and second gears, allows for more precise shifting, allowing the18 wheeler to advance uphill and off-road more authoritatively. When combined with optional SOHC V6, this may cause the Explorer a lot more fun they are driving.

Unlike the reworked Chevy Blazer, Explorers retain a distinctly truck-like character, that may be a bonus or even a demerit. They’re tough and solid, and simple to advance, though steering is a little slow and ponderous and the entire body leans through tight corners. Braking is excellent along with the suspension has a compliant attitude, but Ford’s Explorer can bounce around, making occupants regret the Denver omelet that they had enjoying.

Ford features a philosophy of creating vehicles that can be happy with. Sure, the Jeep Grand Cherokee feels sportier, and the GMC Jimmy looks cooler, nevertheless the Explorer recently the correct quantity of class and ruggedness to restore America’s best-selling off-roader. Should you be planning on buying a sports utility vehicle, itrrrs likely that you’ve already looked at the Explorer. Should you haven’t, do yourself a favor and discover why there are numerous of those trucks on the highway.

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